Garrity's Gunleather Triskel Holster is a truly unique design that offers three carry modes in one holster.

By attaching the kydex belt clips inside the holster pockets facing forward, it can be worn as a conventional IWB (above left).

Reverse the clips in the pockets so they face to the rear and the holster can be clipped onto the belt as an easy on/ easy off OWB strong-side belt holster (above middle).

Or attach the clips to the outside front of the holster without using the pockets. This creates a gap between the top of the clip and the front holster body. By tucking your shirt between the holster and behind the clips, you can now conceal with your shirt tucked in and it serves as a 'tuckable" holster (above right).

True triple duty from one holster! Click on the images below to see the full size pictures

Clips are supplied courtesy of Comp-Tac. For added versatility or more discreet IWB/Tuckable carry, any of Comp-Tacs four styles of kydex clip, available on order from them, will work with this holster. However only the standard belt clip supplied will permit OWB carry. For a stable fit, a good double thickness belt which the clips were designed to work with is recommended.

Price - $115.00 in standard configuration