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A true shoulder holster system. The holster features a kydex reinforced thumb-break with an off-set swiveling front connector that allows the pistol's weight in the grip to tip the butt of the gun in toward the body to aid in concealment. The rear connector is positioned below the muzzle (instead of at or above it as on most other manufacturer's model) so the holster hangs on a slight diagonal cant rather than horizontal, further increasing concealment and reducing printing.

The vertical double mag pouch features wide spacing between the mags for easy access, and the pouch is not flat but contoured to wrap around and conform to the body. The rear magazine is off-set and positioned lower than the front to further aid in accessibility

The harness is made of soft yet durable 4 oz. calf suede, buff colored so it will not bleed onto clothing. A wide shawl collar design evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders instead of the back of the neck. The rear harness straps swivel for unbinding movement. The rig is completely adjustable with 1 inch increment adjustment holes the length of the straps, secured by Chicago screw-posts.

Single vertical mag-pouch, single horizontal mag-pouch, and belt-loop or suspender clip tie-downs are also available.

Also available as a single side harness with no mag-pouch, with belt loop or suspender clip connector on the off-side.

With double mag-pouch - $245.00
With single mag-pouch - $225.00
Single-side without pouch - $180.00
Tie-downs (specify belt loop or suspender clip)
$15.00 per pair additional