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An easy on/off holster, it features a fold over belt loop that snaps in place with two one way snaps. This is a "temporary" holster; not designed for all day carry but for that quick trip to and from, such as a police officer carrying his duty pistol to and from work. (The one-way snap studs are mounted onto a piece of leather sewn to the rear of the holster, so there is no metal from the snaps inside the holster contacting the firearm).

Price - $70.00


This small belt holster is for very small frame pistols, .22,.25, and .380. It is available with a fold-over one-way snap loop or sewn-closed loop on the rear of the holster, in the customer's choice of cant.

Price - $55.00


This is my version of the new trend of deep concealment "tuckable" holsters designed to allow the pistol to be concealed with the concealing shirt completely tucked in. (Curiously enough, my prototype version was in the hands of someone in the industry when another holster-maker came out with what is deemed to be the first of this type of holster. Coincidence? Did I learn anything?).

On my design, the belt flap is positioned to the rear of the holster instead of directly over the pistol to reduce bulk and aid in concealment. A series of holes in the leather-covered kydex flap and the rear wing of the holster allow the wearer to adjust both the carry angle and the depth of the holster to the preferred position. The belt loop is disguised as a key holder and a key fob is included. Recommended for compact handguns. 

Price - $105.00

(Shown with elephant hide accents at additional charge)


This holster was designed for front pocket carry of small semi-autos and revolvers. The front of the holster facing away from the body is constructed of a stiff piece of hard-rolled horsehide, left un-molded to disguise the gun's outline. The inner side against the leg is rough-side out 5 oz. cowhide, detail-molded to the specific firearm for retention. To provide an adequate draw from a holster not mounted to a belt, this holster is not as snug a fit as my other holsters. Models for very small pistols feature a sewn-closed muzzle and an added "hook" on the front top edge of the holster, higher than the pistol; to ensure the holster stays in the pocket during the draw. Models for larger pistols have an opened muzzle to reduce overall height, and fore-go the higher front edge - their overall size and width generally being enough to keep the holster in the pocket. Naturally, this holster works best in loose fitting pants and not tight jeans. For that extra flair, consider a holster front in an exotic hide, as pictured.

Remember to specify right or left front pocket when ordering.

Price - $60.00

Additional charge for exotics


A quick on/off crossdraw holster of one piece construction which attaches to the belt with a one-way snap loop on the rear. Not meant to be a concealment holster, but designed as a special purpose driving holster to be worn while seated behind the wheel for instant access; and easily removed to lock the pistol away or transfer it to your primary carry rig. Anyone who has spent time in a sports car or any vehicle with wrap-around bucket seats can attest to how difficult it can be to draw from strong-side concealed carry, not to mention the damage the pistol butt, checkering, and sharp edges can do to leather seats. Several other holster-makers offer a similar design, but often market as a special-purpose item and charge a premium the same or higher than their standard line. I do not believe a temporary holster should cost as much as your primary carry rig. Consequently, I have designed this as a simple yet functional holster, and it is the least expensive holster I offer.

Price - $70.00