Garrity’s Gunleather is proud to announce the new In-Victus AIWB holster; the first leather IWB holster dedicated to appendix carry. Over a year in research and development, this holster was created through the consultation and design input of several dedicated shooters (from different backgrounds and professions, and different physiques; including local and federal law enforcement and trainers), all of whom carry daily and who had devoted themselves to appendix carry but had yet to find the perfect carry set-up. Noted firearms trainer Todd Louis Green was the impetus behind this design. (Even if you are not considering appendix carry, you owe it to yourself to check out his web-site, for  a wealth of information including various range drills, pistol endurance tests, and printable targets). Six prototypes for as many different pistols were tried, each tweaked based on the recommendations of the experienced team of testers; until this final version was achieved. From the beginning, the goal was to fly-in-the-face of conventional theory regarding AIWB carry (that it could only work with compact firearms and an athletic build), and create a holster that would conceal any size firearm on any body type. No easy feat, but through the use of several unique features, some of which have never been used in holster construction before, and all working in conjunction to enhance concealment; we believe it has been accomplished. (A tip of the hat to local tester Dr. Kurt von Rice, for suggesting the particular design feature that works to tuck in the butt of the pistol). AIWB offers several advantages over other more conventional carry methods in terms of speed of presentation, drawing while seated (especially in a vehicle), firearms retention, and the pistol being accidentally bumped in a crowd, or intentionally found in a “bump frisk”. This is also an excellent woman’s holster, and this mode of carry is a great alternative for females, as with this position hip-size/shape and a shorter torso are not issues. I know several local female officers who carry this way off-duty. The price reflects the extensive R&D and T&E that went into the numerous prototypes, the labor-intensiveness of the design, and that fact that each holster will be individually hand-crafted for the particular end-user. Based upon the experiences learned in building the prototypes, the unique features that make this design work in terms of tucking in the butt and top of the slide will be individually custom made based on that customer’s build and make and model of pistol. (Therefore two holsters both made for Glock 19s as an example may not have the identical characteristics if the customers are of different body types). 

Left to right: Sewn-On, Allen Screw Attached & One-Way Snap

Abbreviated, Full & 1911 Custom

Price - $170.00

  NOTE:   Due to the carry position and draw techniques associated with this holster, it should only be used by trained and experienced shooters, and is not recommended for those new to concealed carry or firearms handling.