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A pancake-style single magazine pouch with front and rear belt slots and rear shield to keep sharp mag edges and corners from digging into the body. Designed at a forward angle instead of vertical for optimal concealment.

Looked at a seated person from the side and you will see that their belt/waistband is not horizontal but angled slightly back and down. When you sit or kneel, a vertical mag-pouch worn on the side will tilt back and print out the rear. The forward angle of this mag pouch positions the magazine perfectly vertical when seated or kneeling, offering greater concealment and better accessibility from those positions.

Price - $50.00


The magazines are angled in opposite directions creating a wide space in between for a full grip on each. Both mags face the same direction, bullets forward, so it doesn't matter which you grab first; fumble-free acquisition under stress. Pre-contoured for a tight-to-the-body fit.

Price - $65.00


As an L.E. Firearms Instructor, I have witnessed the importance of commonality of training and muscle memory as it relates to equipment placement. It is highly recommended that your off-duty carry piece and method mimic your duty gear. I have seen officers in competition or training under simulated stress with off-duty gear worn in a different location reach for a piece of gear that was not there, because it was now worn in a different location than on the duty belt.

Many officers wear their duty mag-pouches horizontal, myself included; but very few holster-makers offer an off-duty horizontal mag pouch. Hence the development and offering of this design; an open front, friction-fit mag pouch with rear belt tunnel loop.

Specify location of wear, bullet position, and opening position when ordering.
Shown for right front appendix carry, bullets up, opening towards belt buckle.

Price - $55.00


A simple, light-weight, minimalist vertical mag-pouch offering maximum exposure of the mag for perfect grip upon contact. Available with sewn-closed rear loop or one-way snap rear loop.

Price - $45.00


Because in the dark, a flashlight could be your most valuable piece of equipment. Remember, you must identify your target before you can shoot. Night-sights and lasers do not provide the illumination to accomplish that. This unit keeps your flashlight on your weak side at the ready, in conjunction with a spare magazine in a compact body-hugging design. Features a belt slot in front and a belt tunnel on the rear of the flashlight.

Price - $65.00


This double mag-pouch spaces the mags on a similar angle to the Belt Slide Double Mag Pouch, but with two one-way snap loops on the rear for easy on/off convenience. The snaps are sewn onto the rear of the pouch, so there is no exposed snap inside the pouch, which means no metal contact with your magazines.

Price - $60.00


The belt is often the most overlooked piece of equipment, but it is the foundation of any on-the-waist carry system ( and it should be thought of as that; a complete system of firearm, holster, mag pouch, belt and wardrobe). Just as any structure requires a strong foundation to be stable, the best holster is useless if worn on an inadequate belt. I once thought such belts were the gimmick of the holster-maker, until I made my first one and tried it, and I could not believe the difference it made. Reaction amongst first time customers is usually the same. Another consideration, even with a good belt substantial enough to support the firearm , is the belt slots or loops of the holster should match the width of the belt. Do not expect optimal performance from your holster if you are mating a 1 3/4 inch slotted holster to a 1 1/4 inch wide belt.

My belts are constructed from two pieces of 6-7 oz. leather glued together and boarder stitched, using thinner thread than my holsters so they look like dress belts and do not shout "Gun!" They are very gradually tapered in the billet and tongue for a more streamlined, aesthetic appearance.

Price for standard double-thickness belts is $95.00.

My Deluxe Gun Belt is the same double layer 6-7 oz. construction but with feathered or skived edges it's entire length so it is thicker throughout the center than the edges for a more formal look. The lining leather in the tongue area where the holes are punched is split to half thickness, making the belt thinner in this portion so it lays flatter through the buckle for a more elegant look. Rugged enough to support a serious pistol while classy enough to wear with the finest suit.

Price - $120.00

Full coverage exotic belts feature a 7-8 oz. foundation leather with a 3-4 oz center strip, 1/2 inch narrower than the belt width running it's entire length except the tongue, with the exotic covering. All of my exotic belts are crafted from a single piece of hide for their entire length, except stingray and shell cordovan which must be pieced. Call or e-mail for prices and availability on full coverage exotics. (Stingray and alligator shown diagonal left in photo, cordovan shark second down on right).

For those who want the exotic look without the expense, I offer my belts with exotic accents on the tongue and billet. This gives the appearance of a full-coverage exotic from the front when worn with an open front concealing garment. Prices generally range an additional $30.00 to $80.00 depending on exotic. (Shown with gray elephant-top right of photo). 

All belts are available in 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and 1 3/4 inch widths. All belts are available in customer's choice of solid brass or brushed nickel (silver-color) plating over solid brass. Buckles are removable via two Chicago screw-posts. For size, measure a belt you currently wear from the hole you most commonly use to the straight area where the billet leather folds around the buckle post. Provide me with the measurement from the fold to the hole.