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Enforcer-Belt-Scabbard-with-Thumb-break-Sig P220

My rendition of the classic double belt-slot "pancake" style holster. Features include full coverage of the firearm while still providing full grip clearance. A rear body shield with protected rear sight is standard on open top models. A rear sight protector tab is incorporated into the strap on thumb-break models. Belt slots are beveled for a flatter profile and available in customer's choice of width. The wings of the holster are pre-contoured for a no-break-in fit.

Price: $95.00


My version of late master holster-maker Bruce Nelson's "Professional". This is a front-wrap design holster featuring a rear belt tunnel and a belt slot behind the trigger-guard to pull the butt in close to the body. The 2-C I offers more coverage of the pistol with rear body shield on open-top models or optional thumb-break. The 2-C II is a more abbreviated version, lower cut in front and designed for speed of presentation. Both models are equally well suited to concealment and competition.

2-C Special I - $110.00
2-C Special II - $100.00



Designed for the serious combat handgun and those serious about carrying it. The Stead-Fast was designed at the request of a Drug Task Force officer who could not stand IWBs and wanted a very high-riding OWB that would conceal under a short-waisted denim jacket. Stability is accomplished by a three-belt loop system, two belt slots front and rear of the holster body and belt tunnel on the back of the holster body. This tunnel is slotted in it's center for placement over a pant's belt loop, to further accommodate positioning. A full wrap-around reinforced rear mouthband allows one-handed holstering and one-handed immediate action drills, while a low cut front aids in speed of presentation without having to contort the body in an un-natural draw (as is the case with many hi-ride rigs).  Best worn on the strong-side hip at 3 o'clock to 3;30 position. Available for medium to large frame autos (1911 Commander/Glock 19 or larger).  

Price - $120.00
Front view shown with CAC custom carry-comp 1911
with alligator mouthband at additional charge.
Rear view shown with shark-skin mouthband at additional charge.


A belt-mounted cross-draw holster; basically a cross-draw version of my 2C-I with rear belt tunnel and belt slot to pull the firearm tight to the body. Recommended for appendix carry of small to medium frame handguns.

Price: $105.00

Shown with C.A.C. custom Walther PPK


This holster combines the front-wrap design of the 2C Special with the dual belt slots of The Enforcer, with front and rear reinforced mouthband for ease of one-handed holstering. Lower riding than the Stead-Fast, it mimics the ride height of the Enforcer with the added benefit of the full reinforced mouthband.

Price - $115.00
Shown above left with genuine elephant hide mouthband at additional charge.

NEW! The K.Q.M.

The late holster design genius Bruce Nelson made what is considered the first snap-on OWB concealment holster with his Nelson Patriot. His design was refined improved upon around the same time by leather-artisans Matt DelFatti and the late Lou Alessi with his very popular CQC-S. Since then, just about every holster-maker offers some version of snap-on OWB, but most are variations of two-piece construction designs. When I decided to offer my own variation, I wanted mine to be something different and offered my Hy-Brid Snap-On, a front wrap design snap-on. Around the same time, Tony Kanaley of Milt Spark’s Holsters introduced his Idaho Quick Mount snap-on holster. I was immediately taken by (what I considered to be) the sheer design ingenuity of this holster; a real “wish I’d thought of that…” moment. The IQM was only offered by Spark’s for a few years, and never made for anything other than a 1911. Citing the IQM as being too labor intensive a design for his shop’s level of production, Mr. Kanaley replaced it with his Axiom holster. After the IQM was discontinued, one of my local customers who was a fan of the IQM asked if I could make a version of it since Milt Spark’s Holsters was no longer producing it. I contacted Mr. Kanaley and he gave me the OK. As time (and no doubt word-of-mouth) passed, I received other local requests, and a request from a loyal repeat customer who owned a few IQMs and had contacted Spark’s after it was discontinued trying to get another. I contacted Mr. Kanaley again, this time telling him I would not only like to make the requested holster for this customer, but would like to offer my version of the design to the public on my web-site. He graciously granted me permission, adding that he was happy to see the holster resurrected. I tweaked the design slightly, adding my own spin on it, (with thanks to Matt DelFatti for the OK to use his angled snap-loop concept) and experimented with it for different pistols. I am now honored to offer the Kanaley Quick Mount – KQM!

About the holster itself: It is a front-wrap design with full reinforced mouthband and low-cut front for speed of presentation. The wings are kydex reinforced for durability and longevity, and two one-way snaps are used per loop for added security and to prevent rotation of the loops. The straps are 1 ½ inches wide in the front and flare to 2 ¼ inches wide on the rear for extra purchase on the belt.

Price - $120.00



Basically a paddle holster version of the Stead-Fast holster; high riding with rear wrap-around reinforced mouthband for ease of reholstering, and very low cut front (below the ejection port on most autos) for speed of presentation without un-natural movement.

Price - $115.00


Similar in concept to the Changeling IWB, this paddle holster of more traditional front-wrap design is slightly lower riding than the Accelorator. The cant is completely adjustable from 25 degree forward cant to 25 degree crossdraw and any angle in between.

Price - $125.00

The paddle on both holsters is made of 8 oz. leather that will conform to the user's hip with wear, unlike polymer paddles so often encountered. The center section is reinforced with kydex, and the entire back of the paddle is covered with thin, buff-colored suede for additional comfort. The paddle is secured in the pants by a double-thickness leather retention strip that locks under the belt or waistband. A removable belt loop with one-way snap is mounted in front of the holster for added security.