The hand-crafted holsters you see here as you browse this site are the result of my experience as a full-time police officer, certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor,  Police Academy Instructor, Tactical Response Team member, competition shooter and artist. Early on in my law enforcement career I made the decision to carry a hand-gun off-duty on a daily basis. In doing so, I found that I was constantly modifying the holsters of other manufacturers to better suit my specific needs or conceal better on my person. I also had a few more obscure pieces in my personal firearms collection that I could not find decent leather for.  ( I whole-heartedly disagree with the generic model pouch stamped “for medium frame autos” for anyone serious about carrying a handgun with any regularity). Prior to law enforcement, I had considered embarking on a career in commercial art as an illustrator, and am currently my department’s forensic sketch artist. Hopefully this art background is reflected in each design, for a holster that is not only functional but aesthetically appealing. What began as a hobby quickly grew by word-of-mouth into a side business that fills my spare hours.

Please keep in mind as you browse this site that it is only a small sampling of my work. I consider myself a true custom shop and intend to stay that way. Many manufacturers call themselves “custom” because you can have their holster design in your choice of  color and belt slot width, but will not make a holster from a customer’s design or alter existing designs. Being a one-man shop gives me the ability to do this. Everything from the initial selection of the natural, un-dyed hides; to the pattern cutting, stitching, molding, dyeing, and finishing; and the final packaging and shipping, is all done in house by me. While this is time consuming to say the least, I will not sacrifice quality for quantity. I am constantly modifying existing designs based on my experiences or customer in-put, so all standard items may not currently be exactly as pictured. If you do not see exactly what you want, please contact me. I will gladly create a holster from your design to suit your purposes or fill a specific need, or alter features on one of my designs to suit you; as long as I feel the end result will function safely and not violate any firearms safety rules.

Please note : No items are carried “in stock”.  All merchandise is hand-crafted one at a time on a made-to-order basis, pursuant to the details and specifications you provide; so you get the exact holster you want – not a compromise!!

Couple artistry and experience – choose Garrity’s Gunleather!